Reptiles and Amphibians of Delmarva
Northern Black RacerEastern Ratsnake, 6 ft, on Pecan treeEastern Garter Snake after a mealEastern Garter SnakeEastern Garter SnakeGarter Snake having a toad for lunch. Black Snake with freshly caught frog
Eastern Painted Turtle on Beaver felled hardwoodEastern Painted TurtleEastern Painted TurtleEastern Painted TurtleEastern Mud Turtle femaleEastern Mud Turtle femaleNorthern Diamond-backed Terrapin
 Five-lined Skink (young). locally - " Blue-tailed Skink"adult Broad-headed Skinkmale Broadheaded Skinks in a face off over territory and mate. Fowler's ToadFowler's Toad waiting in ambush.Eastern SpadefootCope's Gray Treefrog.  Protective coloration at it's best.
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Eastern Box TurtleEastern Box Turtle laying eggs   6-9-2013Eastern Box Turtle laying eggs   6-9-2013Eastern Box Turtle covering eggs Eastern Box Turtle eating cantaloupeNorthern Diamond-backed TerrapinNorthern Diamond-backed Terrapin
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