Delaware   WILD THINGS
Come in and see my non-scientific, f/8 and be there, sampling of wild things on Delmarva.
wild azaela
Basically you have opened a box of chocolates, some respectable shots and some for the record. 
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Native pink Dogwood
  The site was published September 1, 2012. I've been scanning 35mm slides and will try to publish them once a month. So try to come back occasionally to see what's new.
  I thank my friend Tom (photographer & hunter) and Alice (long time friend) for letting me use some of their shots.
  I put this collection of photos together to help people become aware of what lives around them on Delmarva.  Identification labels are in progress, please bear with me.
  If you have a nature related website, I will gladly post a link to to your site if you reciprocate.
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