Flowers of Delmarva
Pine seedling growing in logPinus comunicaus (cell phone tower)Butterfly Weed (Milkweed family)
notice progression of flower development (left to right)Trailing ArbutusHuckleberrySouthern MagnoliaHoneysuckle
Pink Azalea (R. nudiflorum) pre-bloomPink Azalea (R. nudiflorum)  full bloomnative Pink Dogwood early flower stagenative Pink Dogwood full bloomwhite Dogwood flowers with ends of pedals attached at full bloom. (I don't know why)Red/Swamp Maple seedsOrange Milkwort (Polygala Tutea)
wild flowers, cone flowers and daisies.dew covered clover with grasshopper. (crimson clover not native)Dandelion seed headyellow IrisOne happy Turk's Cap LillyTurk's Cap LillyTurk's Cap Lilly
Pink Ladys Slipper or Moccasin FlowerWhite Ladys SlipperJack-in-the pulpit, flowerJack in the Pulpit, flowerJack in the Pulpit seeds ,red when matureCommon May-apples emergingMay-apple flower
working on this gallery's ID's
Water Lillydeveloping fernHorned BladderwortHorned BladderwortIndian Cucumber-rootNodding Ladies-tresses
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Cranefly OrchidCranefly OrchidRose PogoniaGrass-PinkDragonsmouthWhite-fringed OrchidYellow Fringed Orchild
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Gallery 6
Sundew, Thread-leaved (Drosera filiformis)Pitcher Plant  (purperea)Spoonleaf SundewVenus Fly Trap with preyRose Pogonia
MintMintHenbitMoth MulleinSkunk Cabage unfurling
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rather large Sycamore leaf
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